Scorpions are very rarely encountered and seem fairly exotic to most people.  But don’t be fooled.  
Scorpions are a real threat in dry hot climates like the South and Southwestern United States
and will often show up in other areas and environments.  Scorpion bites are almost never
fatal (most scorpion have no venom) but they hurt like crazy.  A scorpion bite will feel like a bad wasp
or hornet bite – not fun at all.  Luckily there are a few easy steps you can take
to get rid of scorpions.
Scorpion Identification
The most important strategy in getting rid
of scorpions is to clean up around your
house.  Scorpions are rather shy and like
to stay in quiet, dark undisturbed areas.  
Clutter offers the perfect home for a
scorpion.  Take a tour of your house, inside
and out, and remove stacks of newspapers
and magazines, wood and stick piles,
clothes piles, and old sports equipment.  
Take away their home while cleaning up
You Can Get Rid of Scorpions
Scorpions are exotic looking creatures that live primarily in the south and southwest parts of the U.S and
in arid environments around the world.  Their bite is rarely lethal but it does cause intense pain.  The best
strategy to get rid of scorpions is to remove their hiding places by reducing clutter in your home.  Reducing
the number of bugs and insects in your home will also deter scorpions, as will closing off all possible entry
points into your home.  Borax and diatomaceous earth are both good organic products that are effective
against scorpions, and there are a host of pesticides which will also do the trick.  Good luck in your
skirmish with scorpions.
Clean Up
This one is pretty easy. There are not
a whole lot of creatures with the
distinctive scorpion shape.  Scorpions
are arachnids that can range from two to eight
inches long.  Their color may be yellow, brown, black, dark red
and even blue.  They have slender bodies with a large five-segment tail that
arches over its body.  Scorpions have eight legs and two obvious pincers.
Boric acid and diatomaceous earth are both effective and natural pest controls
that are available online and in home and garden centers.  Both products
contain microscopic razor sharp particles that scratch the scorpion’s body and
cause it to dehydrate.  They are completely safe to humans and contain no
Get Rid of Scorpions   
A Cool Thing
Did you know that scorpions are
 Scorpions are
active at night and you can easily see
them with a black light.  
Organic Scorpion Control
Scorpions feed nocturnally on other insects and bugs.  Reducing the number of
their prey in your home will go a long way in making your house an unwelcome
territory for scorpions.  A complete ongoing pest removal plan is something that
most homeowners will find beneficial over the years.  
No Bugs For You!
Your friends will tell you to get a
chicken to rid yourself of scorpions.  
While it is true that chickens and
other barnyard fowl love to gobble
up scorpions, the damage they will
inflict upon your family room far
outweighs their scorpion defense
abilities.  No, no, no.  Bad idea,
letting a chicken run around your
house.  Uh-uh …
Don’t Get a Chicken
Again, this is a great strategy for repelling scorpions and other pests from
your home.  Do a thorough inspection for possible points of entry.  Caulk any
cracks and crevices in the foundation and any holes where cables and pipes
enter your home.  Look at every door and window for pulled or broken screens
and broken sills and frames.  Not only will you deter pests, but your heating
and cooling bills will go down!
Seal Entryways
Pest Control from Amazon
There are excellent products
available online.  Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their
Home and Garden Store.  They even
have a special section for Pest
Control.  Amazon is the largest
online purveyor of pest control
Sites and Blogs about Scorpions
A few of our favorite scorpion sites are Helium -- How to get rid of scorpions,  eHow,  Associated Content, , and Do Your Own Pest Control.
 These sites are fonts of information for getting rid of scorpions.
Scorpion Video
Scorpions have a lot of respect in
the pesticide industry.  There are a
plethora of products that all work
effectively against scorpions.  
Wettable powders like Demon WP
and Cyper WP are designed to go
around the perimeter of your home.
 Dusting products like Drione Dust
and Delta Dust should be used in
your attic and other points of entry.
 Use caution when using pesticides
because they contain poisons and
can be harmful to humans.
Scorpions look pretty cool.
Can you find the scorpion on this man's desk?
Phosporescent scorpion!
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